EdX Institute commenced its activities in a modest way in 1994 by providing tutoring help to children who were attending a language school. The consistent and impressive performance of these students in their school work led to a rapid growth in numbers.
Many of these students wanted to sit for scholarship and selective school exams. Therefore the Institute decided to design a strong program that would ensure their success. This was achieved with the help of an expert team of people. Programs were delivered by experienced teachers. The results were overwhelming. Over years, the program has constantly evolved and improved into one of the best available in Victoria.

EdX Institute has social objectives and values  and in keeping with these, our fees are maintained at very competitive and affordable levels. Service to the community is one of the primary objectives for us. In fact, EdX Institute is run by people who have been engaged in community service for many years. Most of our administration staff are volunteers. Hence it is no surprise that we have found it possible to keep our fees much lower than what is offered for other comparable courses. We want to help ALL children. We are genuinely interested in our next generation.

At the same time, quality is non negotiable for EdX. We never compromise on quality. We engage the best teachers available who are qualified, experienced and dedicated. Our teachers care for the educational needs of every individual student. That is the culture we have developed at EdX.

Our students have been top performers  consistently in the various competitive examinations. We accept students from Year 1. Apart from preparing for competitive exams, our courses are equally good for those students who want to excel in their regular school work.

Earlier the students join our course the better their progress and final outcome will be. We have introduced a very attractive discount scheme to make it a lot more affordable to parents who enrol their children into our courses early.

Our approach to coaching

We give due importance to actual teaching in the classroom. In the hands of an expert teacher, students can gain a lot. This includes reinforcing the fundamentals, learning new methods and techniques and strengthening the skills to answer questions with speed. We combine this with lots of worksheets, weekly tests and trial exams, through which students improve their speed, accuracy and examination skills. Our approach provides the students with the right mix of activities for efficient learning and to maintain interest. We take great efforts to strike a balance between class room work and tests. It is important to note that our teachers personally correct all worksheets and test papers so that they develop a personal understanding of every student. This enables them to provide most valuable individual feedback to students.
While taking students through a structured, intensive program carefully tailored to meet the specific requirements and criteria of competitive examinations, we are conscious about the need to have a long term view on education. A competitive exam is neither the beginning nor the end of a student's educational opportunities. At the end of our coaching program, students achieve an academic level very much higher than that required for their year level. This gives them an opportunity to keep up the pace and be in the forefront as they progress further in their education.
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