Q: In Dandenong there are two EdX locations. How do we choose?

A: At Ann Street Dandenong, classes are conducted on Sundays only. Standardised classes in small groups for Selective Schools preparation (Year 9 and Year 10 entry) and VCE are conducted here by specialist teachers. At the Centre at 203, Gladstone Road, Dandenong lessons are available on all 7 days of the week. Here students can choose the time they want to attend. They can also choose the number of lessons they want to attend per week. They decide their own pace. Work here is individually assigned and a teacher will always be by the side to individually assist. Both locations assure consistent high quality tutoring. You can discuss your options in greater detail by calling us.

Q: How do we arrange a free assessment test?

A: Just call us or email us and ask for an assessment test. We will give you an appointment for the assessment. It is that simple and genuine and there is no fee. Whether to enrol in a course is your own decision afterwards. There is no obligation whatsoever.

Q: How would I know whether my child at the primary level needs tutoring? 

A : Many children can survive without extra help whereas, for many other children tutoring is essential for their progress. There is no guarantee that your child will always get a good teacher at school and it is important to monitor his or her progress. If the child is not performing well or shows lack of motivation, it is time to think about providing some extra help. Tutoring helps to make up for what might be missing in the day school. It also provides the opportunity to do more challenging and interesting work. Strong foundation in Maths and English is absolutely essential for future progress. 

Q: At EdX, can we try out first?

A: Of course, you can. For group classes, we ask students to enrol for a minimum of 4 lessons. By this time, you should be able to observe a difference. However, you are free to leave after this period if you are not fully satisfied. It is that easy. 
At our Gladstone Road Centre students can try out just one lesson if they so wish.

Q: What are the costs? 

A: You will find our fees generally much more affordable than what our competitors offer, for comparable programs. Our courses are of a very high quality. For a detailed fee structure, please obtain a leaflet from us. 

Q: Why are your charges so low? 

A: This is in keeping with the Values of our organisation. Service to the community is one our main objectives. Several people involved with EdX have a long history of community service. Most of our management staff are volunteers. This makes it possible to keep our costs low. We want to help ALL children. We are genuinely interested in our next generation. That is why we try our best to charge the minimum. We do this while not compromising the quality of our programs in any way. We 'hand pick' qualified and highly experienced staff who also have a passion for educating children. Quality is non negotiable at EdX.

Q: Why should I choose EdX classes for my child? 

A: At EdX, you have the assurance that the teachers are not only qualified and experienced but also deliver results. We closely monitor progress of the students in each class. Teachers do not rely solely on tests. They actually teach. They ensure that fundamentals are well understood by every student. They teach students effective techniques and give the necessary tools and skills for examination success. They always assign work that challenges the student. Students sit regular tests and take daily homework. The teachers personally correct all worksheets and test papers and provide individual feedback to students. Teachers also periodically meet the parents. 

Most students keep many steps ahead of what they do at school. Our class size is very small, which ensures individual care. The learning environment is very friendly and supportive. We actively encourage good values, good behaviour and mutual respect. We are also able to keep our charges very reasonable.

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