Feedback From Students
Here are some comments from our past students and parents .... 

Year 10 Entrance:

The science reasoning test was almost exactly the same format of the mock exams that we sat at tuition. The numerical reasoning & Maths were pretty easy. Iím fairly confident with them. The essays required a lot of background knowledge and most of all awareness of the world today. Overall, the JMSS exam didnít provide too many surprises as the questions were quite similar to the EdX mock exams. Thanks for all your assistance. 

Please accept my sincere thanks to you and to the great team of teachers who taught me and prepared me very well for the exams. The coaching from my teachers not only prepared me for the exams but has also prepared me for the future years. I hope and wish your institution will continue to impart knowledge to many thousands of children in the coming years and build a great knowledge base. My parents would like to convey their sincere thanks.

I have been selected in both Nossal High School and Sir John Monash Science School. Although I am a Year 8 student, my success in Sir John Monash High School in Year 10 clearly demonstrates the standard of teaching EdX delivers to its students. I felt that the study programs are very well designed to cover Year 10 curriculum and is delivered by very qualified and experienced teachers. 
I would like to take this opportunity to give a big thanks to all the teachers and staff members for putting in a great effort in making my dream come true. 

Year 9 Entrance: 
Just want to let you know I was accepted into Melbourne High. I give all credit to your institute because it has really helped me in all areas of the test and I definitely could not have got accepted without the help of you. I hope you guys keep on helping young children achieve their goals in the future because you have definitely done a magnificent job assisting me on this long journey. 

P.S. Say hello to all my teachers and thank them :) 

Just to let you know, my daughter from Year 9 class has got an offer from The Mac Rob Girls High School. Thanks for all your help. Please let her Maths teacher and English teacher know. Thank you. 

This is to inform you that my son has been successful in getting an offer of entry to Nossal High School. 
We owe this success of his to the efforts put in by the teaching staff at Edx and we along with Paras would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you all at Edx. 

My son has been a regular student at the Dandenong Edx Campus and I am pleased to share the good news of his success in being accepted into Nossal High School. Thank you for all the help. 

My son went to the Burwood campus of the edx institute and has been offered a place at Melbourne High for 2011. I sent this e-mail to thank everyone at Edx for their support and teaching for helping my son and I will be visiting them this weekend in person. Once again, thank all the Staff for helping and giving support to my son. 

EDX was a great place where learning was combined with a great environment. I learned things that I'd only learn in school years down the track and most of all, I had fun whilst doing it. The teachers are encouraging and really know what they are doing. It's a great experience.

Bryce himself and our family are very excited with the result. At this moment, we did not forget the great help, the high quality training Bryce received from your school. We are very grateful to you and all your staff members. We will pass the information around so our friends also know that you provide excellent education.

This is George, Abram's father. I recently received an e-mail from Edutest informing us that Abram had been selected to enter Melbourne High School yr 9 in 2010. Abram and I are very happy and we just felt that we should share this with you because without your help, I don't think that he would've achieved such a success. Since day one, I felt that Abram's level at school was getting higher, and eventually, within two months of joining EdX, he managed to get into the advanced Maths class at his school. I would especially like to thank Sue, his English teacher and Canags his Maths teacher for their faithful support and the amount of effort they put into helping him. I would also like to thank Mr Nithi for his strict and firm management of EdX which are the key factors of success.

The EdX class was really good. Really helpful in many ways. Such as being supportive and co-operative. The teachers are really nice and helpful.
I believe that anyone who takes the classes has a much better chance of getting in. 

I owe much of my success to EdX, for all the teachers who guided me in a slow and comprehensive manner. Personally I feel that the classes helped significantly, I know that if it were not for the classes i would have struggled in the exam. All the teachers helped me reach my full potential, which was a level I never thought I could reach. Along with support and encouragement from my family who helped me emotionally, tuition helped me go that little bit further in terms of my academic success.
So in closing I would like to thank all the teachers who gave up their many precious weekends to teach and guide me through what I thought was a tough time.

Chi and I found the skill and dedication that EdX Training provided our son Nhan to be of the very highest order. The teachers that taught Nhan always showed a tremend ous amount of skill and patience in the classroom. We have no hesitation in recommending EdX Training to any parents that want to send their children to a Select Entry School. Thank you to all the staff at EdX Training. 
Chi, David and Nhan 

Hello my name is Arti and I attended classes at the EDX institute. I thought the classes were engaging and made me confident in entering the selective schools test. We had mock exams, which made it easier to control the nerves before I went to the exam itself. I thought that the topics that were covered in EDX were actually relevant to the exam and the worksheets that were given were the standard we needed. All teachers were supportive and because of that I was offered a place in Mac Robertson High School. I would like to thank EDX institute and the teachers who helped me through this exam.

Hello, my name is Bryce Ding and I attended EdX for over a year. Every week the teachers would introduce a new topic for us to learn, and they helped us thoroughly understand each one. But what was also great about EdX, was how the teachers allowed and encouraged us to ask questions about certain aspects of Mathematics or English that we did not understand. I was always comfortable with discussing things with my teachers, as I knew they would provide the help that would make me comprehend each topic very well. EdX helped me greatly, and they contributed a great deal towards my success in being accepted into Melbourne High School. 

Sitting the exam is an experience I will never forget. EDX helped me to get used to the exam conditions and prepare me for the overall exam. The weekly tests were a great help, and the constant support and aid EDX sported were well appreciated. The mock exams also helped a great deal as they gave me an idea as to how it would feel like on the actual day. The teachers were very helpful, and always had knowledge and advice at hand.

I would like to thank you for the opportunities you have created for me, it means a lot and I know that I would not have been able to get in without your tutoring and help.

Holiday classes and Mock exams were a great help. Finally when I sat the examination, I felt like in another but easier Mock Examination!!

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