Progressing from YEAR 3

We offer FREE Assessment Test.
 Also a review with an experienced teacher can be arranged.
These are absolutely free and with no obligation whatsoever.

Our programs cater for the requirements of scholarship examinations
conducted by both ACER and Edutest.

EdX Institute welcomes students from Grade 3. 

Lessons in small groups are available in Berwick and East Burwood. 

All of our lessons are conducted by qualified and experienced tutors.

At EdX, students gain knowledge and skills in numeracy, literacy and logical reasoning. Attending our lessons will help students to excel in their school work. At the same time, these lessons are perfectly designed to prepare students for scholarship and selective school examinations. 

Students generally undertake work which is far more challenging than what they do at their mainstream school. Students generally join our classes early so that they can progressively work towards the Selective Schools Entrance Examination which is due when they reach Year 8.

Irrespective of their objective, all the students receive a sound education in English and Mathematics at EdX. They also get a strong exposure to reasoning skills, both verbal and numerical. In English, they develop their writing skills, grammar, spelling, vocabulary and comprehension. In Mathematics they start with reinforcement of fundamentals and progress into advanced exercises and problem solving. They practice strategies to improve their speed and accuracy.


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