Weekly Lessons:
The course we offer to students preparing for entry into John Monash Science School is unique and rich in Science content and Mathematics. The Science program includes science related current issues, science writing, science reasoning and school based science curriculum.

By introducing Science in an interesting and exciting manner, we aim to cultivate an interest and passion for science amongst our students.

There is also a lot of emphasis on improving English Written Skills, especially on science related topics.

At the same time, we cover Mathematics at a much more advanced level than what students learn in their mainstream schools. This includes Numerical Reasoning component as well. At the time of the examination, our students would have reached Year 10 level in Maths.

Our students also undertake a lot of work in Reading Comprehension and Verbal Reasoning in order to improve their general English skills.

The format of the Entrance Examination to John Monash Science School is expected to vary from year to year. We therefore prepare students for all possibilities

While our Year 10 Entrance program is specially targeted for John Monash, it is also very helpful to students trying to enter Year 10 in other selective schools. The level of Mathematics and English we cover is more than adequate and relevant for this purpose while the coverage in Science will provide an additional dimension to students to respond to essay type questions and numerical reasoning questions. 

It is also important to note that this course is extremely beneficial to anyone in Year 8 / 9 irrespective of whether the intention is to change school, just sit for an examination, do accelerated work or general improvement.

Science Writing: Science teachers provide regular lectures on a wide range of current, interesting science topics to help develop the interest and knowledge of students in science. Students are encouraged to supplement this with their own research at home.

In addition to general topics, school based science curriculum is covered in parallel. Students not only cover the science syllabus well in advance to their regular school but learn how to provide the best responses to questions asked.

Students do regular written assignments and tests on science writing. Focus is both on the content and expression. The Science Teacher and the English Teacher work together with the students to skill them in producing excellent written pieces.

Science Reasoning: This is another area where students usually do not get much exposure at their regular school. Our program helps students to develop the skills to reason out and derive the best answers to questions using the information and experimental results provided. Over time, students learn the strategies and thought processes required to complete the tasks within the allocated time.

Weekly Lessons are available in Berwick on Saturdays and in Notting Hill on Sundays. 

Mock Examinations

In addition to our regular coaching classes, we offer students an opportunity to sit for a series of Mock Examinations before they sit for the real examination. These Mock Examinations will cover all possible areas in which students may be tested in their real examination. Following each Mock Examination, students will attend a review workshop. During this workshop, they will receive excellent guidance and tips, discuss strategies and get individual feedback on their performance. The programs will be delivered by highly experienced teachers.

For students who attend our regular classes, these mock exams are free of charge. Others can enrol for these exams by paying a fee.

Each Mock Examination will have a paper on each of the following components:

Science Writing                           Science Reasoning              Mathematics                             Numerical Reasoning

Reading Comprehension              Creative Writing                  Analytical Writing                      Verbal Reasoning


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