Edutest conducts the common examination for entry into the four Selective Schools in Melbourne which admit students to Year 9. These schools are: Melbourne High School, Mac Robertson Girls' High School, Nossal High School and Suzanne Cory High School.

We provide excellent coaching to prepare for the selective schools entrance examination. We offer Weekly Lessons until the week prior to the examination. Also we run a revision program during the Easter  Holidays.

Weekly Lessons:
Weekly lessons are run with small groups of students and very experienced teachers. An important difference students will find at EdX is that the teachers actually teach rather than just manage tests. Students do sit for practice tests every week at EdX but in addition they are taught the principles, techniques and exam strategies. They are coached and guided by expert teachers.

Classes in Berwick are on Saturdays and in East Burwood on Sundays. 

The best way of preparing for the entrance exam is to start with our Pre Year 9 Entrance Program. Students can enrol into this at the beginning of the second term while they are in Grade 6 at school. This will give them enormous opportunities to build up their knowledge and skills over a period of 2 years. All EdX courses are accelerated courses and students undertake much more advanced work than what they do in their mainstream school.

Our Coaching Strategy: 
We place equal emphasis on classroom teaching as well as tests and exams. Our highly experienced teachers are always there with the students, providing the help and care they need. Hours of direct interaction with passionate, expert teachers every week help the students immensely. Their learning is enriched by weekly tests, home work and mock examinations. 

The programs we offer are targeted towards examination success. They are very well planned and developed by experts who have an in-depth knowledge about the examination requirements. 

We care for the children who come to us. We are genuinely interested in their educational future. We want them to succeed. You will find EdX as a great partner in achieving your child's goals. We have given elsewhere on this website, a cross section of the comments we have received from our past students and parents. 

What is covered?
Our programs fully cover all of the following components of the examinations:

Essay: Focus will be on Analytical as well as Creative writing. Students will be guided on how to plan and write good, interesting essays and stories within the allocated time. They will learn about the structure and techniques of essay writing. They will practice writing numerous creative and analytical pieces. Every essay produced by the student is carefully marked by the teacher and comments provided. 

Reading Comprehension & Verbal Reasoning: Students are taught effective strategies to handle Reading Comprehension and Verbal Reasoning well. This is reinforced through a large number of practice exercises. Students will be challenged and extended by undertaking a variety of work. There is a strong emphasis and focus in developing vocabulary. 

Grammar & Spelling: Grammar is an important part of the program and is taught systematically. Also there is a lot of emphasis on improving spelling. 

Mathematics & Numerical Reasoning: Mathematics is covered gradually, section by section in a systematic manner. Fundamentals are reinforced before engaging in challenging work. The course is intensive and will move at a pace in order to cover almost two years of school syllabus in an year. In the hands of excellent teachers, our past students have not only achieved this goal but found the experience an enjoyable one as well. Students also extensively practice Numerical Reasoning and problem solving with speed.


Mock Examinations

In addition to the regular coaching, we provide our students with an opportunity to sit for a series of Mock Examinations before they sit for the real examination. These Mock Examinations will be very similar to the real examination they will be facing later. Following each Mock Examination, students will attend a review workshop. During this workshop, they will receive excellent guidance and tips, discuss strategies and get individual feedback on their performance. The programs will be delivered by highly experienced teachers.

For students who attend our regular classes, these mock exams are free of charge. Others can enrol for these exams by paying a fee.

The Mock Examination will have a paper on each of the following components which are tested in the real examination:

  1. Reading Comprehension
  2. Creative Writing
  3. Analytical / persuasive Writing
  4. Verbal Reasoning
  5. Mathematics
  6. Numerical Reasoning

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